My greatest
is not living
my life

Ed Stafford has has given keynote talks in New York, London, Sydney, Istanbul, Barcelona, Geneva and many other cities worldwide.

He is fast becoming the inspirational adventure speaker to book. He is honest and real and has a no-nonsense way of imparting the lessons he learned along his mammoth journey.

Corporate talks can include themes such as "humour in the face of adversity", "determination to achieve targets", and "riding out tough times". Ed can skew his talk to be environmental, human, or goals oriented. Despite being very touching in his delivery, with Ed, everything is delivered with a large dollop of self-deprecating humor.


You could not have hit the mark more completely with what you said. Not only was the content of enormous interest in its own right, but your delivery was extremely moving, and I think touched everybody on a personal level.

Ernst and Young

Absorbing, fascinating and thought provoking - absolutely perfect for our audience - Ed crafted his presentation superbly. He is very engaging, amusing and talks about his amazing experiences in such a modest manner. Next time we will make sure we allow more time for him to speak.

Anglian Water

Inspirational on levels you just didn’t expect, leaving you with a smile on your face and a renewed sense of 'Yes I can’.

Ed received extraordinary feedback from the attendees - his story was so interesting, and his style/manner of presenting was really genuine and didn’t go over the top. People said he was the perfect end to the two days.

On a personal note - he was just a really lovely guy to spend time with. I think his career will soar. Seriously Caroline, I can't say enough nice things about him.

WPP: World leader in marketing communications

You think you’ve heard all the motivational speeches there are to hear, then someone like Ed proves you wrong. Hearing his tale of determination put any challenging experiences we’d ever had in the workplace into perspective.

The Oxford Union

I just wanted you to know that the team have given you fabulous feedback: "raw" and "real" were the most frequent words used. Thanks again.

The Financial Times

Truly inspirational, heartfelt, expertly delivered and closed out our conference on a perfect note. Customer feedback had a perfect score - you had all 5 out of 5 - an incredibly high score, and a testament to the power of your story.



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